Our History


"One picture speaks a thousand words."

Bud 1946

Bud working on a car 1946

Bud's passion for his business started with his working on the cars himself

Job 1946

Service Vehicle 1946

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Bud's daughters in front of fleet car

Bud's Daughters & Bud's Car

Bud's business grew and he had a fleet of service vehicles to pick parts up from vendors

Portfolio Image

Bud's Trike

Bud's daughter sitting on a three-wheeled motorcycle with an ad for Bud's business

Mack working on a car

Mack working on one of the cars

Bud hired only people who have a passion for what they did, and that tradition continues until today

Portfolio Image

Working at the shop

Bud's has been in the same location for over 70 years!